Friday, April 03, 2009

Conroy Backtracks on Internet Censorship Policy - Gambling911 - 2nd April 2009

The Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy has been clarifying more details on his Internet censorship policy.

The Australian community has spoken loud and clear and the vast majority do not want it.

On SBS TV Insight many parents were interviewed and agreed that the ultimate protection for a child in relation to the Internet is a good parent.

It's also widely understood that criminals who would use the Internet for illegal acts such as child pornography would use peer to peer or other ways for distribution, not methods which would be picked up by the ACMA blacklist.

Yesterday another industry insider advised that Betfair is still on the blacklist. Again, I don't have the list so I don't know this to be 100 percent. I can however confirm that the following link was posited on the CAP Forum (but I haven't clicked on it in case the spooks are watching. I don't want the link showing up in my browsing history... the spooks have me paranoid now).

Check out the new leaks here

Greg Tingle,

Media Man Australia Profiles