Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rudd opens 2020 Summit, by Christian Kerr - The Australian - 19th April 2008

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has opened the 2020 Summit, calling for new ideas to shape our nation's future.

“Today we’re trying to do something new,” Mr Rudd said.

“Today we’re throwing open the windows of our democracy to let a bit of fresh air in.”

The Prime Minister has asked for new insights into how to govern Australia.

“The old way of governing has long been creaking and groaning, often a triumph of the trivial over the substantial, often a triumph of the trivial over the substantial, often a triumph of the partisan over the positive.

“And the truth is all sides of politics, Brendan’s and mine, we are both guilty of this.

“It’s time we started to try and turn the page.”

Mr Rudd said the challenges facing Australia today are unprecedented in complexity and intensity.

He reiterated the summit priorities: future prosperity; skills, education and training; climate change and sustainability; rural industries; national health; stronger communities; indigenous disadvantage; a creative arts industry; governance and Australia’s security.

Mr Rudd asked the summit’s 10 groups to nominate at least one big idea and three concrete policy proposals – one of which must involve no or negative cost.

“What is our simple objective? To shake the tree,” he told delegates.

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