Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Political insiders launch attacks on Linda

The following news has just been released by Jodi Latina, Director of New Media, Linda McMahon for Senate 2010.

It seems hard to believe that it's been less than a month since Linda announced her candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Since then, support for her campaign has been growing at a remarkable rate. Connecticut voters know Linda is the one Republican candidate in this race who can beat Chris Dodd and make Washington work for ordinary people instead of the special interests.

As is often the case when a political outsider begins shaking up the system, the career political insiders are fighting for their survival. That's no surprise. Their careers depend on protecting the status quo. What is shocking, however, is that Linda's political opponents -- just about all of whom are part of the political establishment -- are launching negative personal attacks so early.

It appears her primary opponents are so concerned about her candidacy that they are engaging in a seemingly coordinated negative attack on her. What are they afraid of?

Several weeks ago, they attacked Linda for not voting in a few recent elections. But then the Hartford Courant reported that the very politicians attacking Linda had also missed numerous elections. In fact, her most vocal opponent himself missed at least 11 local elections! The difference is that Linda was honest from the outset, putting her record on Linda2010.com for all to see. She acknowledged her missed votes were inexcusable, and she took complete personal responsibility -- unlike the career insiders who did their best to cover up their records.

It's sad really.

Now the political insiders are at it again. They are claiming Linda is not a real Republican because, as CEO of a nonpartisan, publicly traded company, she gave political contributions to Democrats as well as Republicans. The fact is Linda is a fiscally conservative Republican, and as CEO of WWE, she gave $70,700 in federal contributions to Republicans, $34,100 to Democrats and $2000 to Independents, since 1980.

Linda has helped elect far more Republicans than Democrats, but they didn't bother to tell you that. Linda has helped Republican mayors, Governor Rell, Republican Members of Congress, Republican Town Committees, the Connecticut Republican Party and the list goes on... Linda has it all posted online for everyone to see.

Linda refuses to play the old game in which politicians divert attention from their own records with non-stop negative attacks. The career political insiders started going this negative so early because they're obviously terrified of Linda's candidacy.

So much for Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment...

Linda's support is growing in leaps and bounds because she's a different kind of candidate who isn't beholden to special interests and isn't afraid to be open and honest -- even when the truth is inconvenient. She's not taking a penny of special interest money, because the only interest groups she cares about are ordinary people.

Thank you for supporting Linda. Spread the word on Twitter; tell your friends through Facebook.

Together we will take Washington back from the special interests and put people back in control.

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