Saturday, May 10, 2008

Obama may declare victory on May 20 - The Australian - 9th May 2008

DEMOCRATIC White House hopeful Barack Obama said today he could declare victory over Hillary Clinton on May 20, when Kentucky and Oregon may put him over the top in terms of elected delegates.

"If at that point we have the majority of pledged delegates, which is possible, then I think we can make a pretty strong claim that we have got the most runs and it's the ninth inning and we have won," he told NBC television, referring to the final inning of a baseball game.

"But, you know, I think it is also important for us to, if we win, do so in a way that brings the party together," said the Illinois senator, who has refused to join calls for Senator Clinton to quit the acrimonious race.

"One of the obvious big concerns that all of us have is making sure that we focus our attention on the Republicans in the fall, and we're in a strong position to do that," Senator Obama said.

According to his campaign, Senator Obama needs just 33 more pledged delegates to reach a majority of the Democratic nominating officials, 1606.

A total of 28 are up for grabs next Wednesday in West Virginia, which is considered Clinton country. Then on May 20, Oregon will elect 52 delegates and Kentucky 51.

But while a majority of pledged delegates would be potent symbolically, Senator Obama would still need support from Democratic grandees called "superdelegates" to reach the final winning line for the nomination - 2025.


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