Monday, January 07, 2008

Pro-whaling vid slams 'racist' Australia, by Reko Rennie - The Age - 7th January 2008

A Japanese pro-whaling video that denounces Australia as a racist country has received over a 100,000 hits on a video sharing website.

The 10-minute video on YouTube shows images of the cronulla riots, dead dingoes and shows various men killing kangaroos.

One part of the video also shows a child holding a baby kangaroo by the tail and then repeatedly bashing the baby kangaroo into the rear of a ute.

The video plays English and Japanese subtitles over images including anti-whaling protester and founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Captain Paul Watson who is called a terrorist.

A Greenpeace spokesman said the video highlights the need for the Australian government to do more.

"Being anti whaling does not mean being anti-japanese and the controversial YouTube video is acting as a diversion from the real issue that Australians are concerned about - that minke whales and endangered fin whales are being killed in the name of fake science," Greenpeace Australia Pacific whales campaigner Rob Nicoll said.

"The Australian government needs to get its planes in the air and its ship, the Oceanic Viking at sea as soon as possible," he said.

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